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UMAH Fitness

UMAH Fitness is a collection of elite, professional fitness trainers that co-habitat a state-of-the-art training facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Disciplines: Branding, Strategy, Digital, Print

We embarked on a transformative journey to encapsulate UMAH Fitness’s holistic approach to well-being. Drawing inspiration from their commitment to tailor-made fitness and nutrition solutions, we crafted a branding identity that radiates modern sharpness. The striking palette of gold, black, and white evokes a sense of luxury and dedication, while our handpicked typefaces and intricate patterns echo the brand’s detailed approach. We delivered more than just a design; we provided a visual story that complements UMAH Fitness’s mission to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, ensuring their passionate team of trainers and nutritionists stands out in the fitness industry. Dive into their refined aesthetic and resonate with their unique vision at UMAH Fitness.

AGENCY: Prima Creative
STRATEGY: Miranda Flinchum
COPYWRITING: Miranda Flinchum, Bradley Savino
LEAD DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum
DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum

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DateMarch, 2023Share
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