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Shaka Cafe

Shaka Cafe, a tropical-themed health-conscious cafe in Howell, Michigan, is more than just a regular eatery. This veteran-owned, family-operated business stands out with its mission to offer fast, easy, health-focused food and drink options, using locally-sourced farm items.

Prima Creative took the reins of their branding journey, starting from a space of mere concrete and dust to transforming it into a beloved city hotspot.

Disciplines: Branding, Marketing, Strategy, Digital, Print, Social Media

Shaka Cafe, nestled in Howell, Michigan, emerges as a tropical oasis with its health-conscious ethos and a family-operated backbone. Not your typical cafe franchise, Shaka Cafe’s vibrancy extends beyond its offerings of super fruit bowls, cold-pressed juices, shakes, and supplements. Our branding vision for them incorporated bold blues, oranges, and teals to resonate with their fun yet dependable personality. While the cafe’s lively atmosphere sets them apart, it’s their commitment to holistic health, superior quality, and an unparalleled customer experience that truly makes Shaka Cafe a beacon for those seeking both nourishment and adventure.

Shaka Cafe — Livin’ The Good Life!™

To discover more about how Prima Creative can transform your business into a community favorite, we invite you to explore our services. Our expertise in branding, strategy, and design could make your venture the next celebrated destination. Visit our services page or contact us for a detailed consultation.

AGENCY: Prima Creative
CLIENT: Shaka Cafe
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Miranda Flinchum, Bradley Savino, Jackie Mroz
STRATEGY: Miranda Flinchum, Jackie Mroz
COPYWRITING: Miranda Flinchum, Bradley Savino
LEAD DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum
DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum, Paulina Pulawska

SOCIAL MEDIA: Bradley Savino, Miranda Flinchum, Paulina Pulawska

branding identity, graphic design logo
branding identity, graphic design logo
branding identity, graphic design logo
branding identity, graphic design logo

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