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Organized AF

Step into a world where simplicity meets sophistication. Organized AF is not just about decluttering spaces; it’s about redefining lifestyles, with a smile.

Disciplines: Branding, Strategy, Digital, Social Media

Organized AF is not your average home organization brand; it’s a chic, minimalist revolution in the way we view our living spaces. But don’t let the sleek appearance fool you – there’s a spark of cheekiness in everything they do. OAF is about transforming your cluttered spaces into areas of peace and beauty, while also having a bit of fun along the way. The mantra? ‘Get your life together’, but with a smile. OAF is not just about reorganizing your home; but giving your daily routine a delightful makeover. This brand is for those who appreciate the finer things in life, but can still enjoy a good laugh at an ad that knows just how to nudge you gently.

At the helm of Organized AF, our team brought this vision to life as a personal project. Meaning, we had COMPLETE control over the branding, strategy, and design. We infused every aspect of the brand with a professional yet playful voice, ensuring that the services don’t just appeal to the need for order but also to the heart that seeks joy in the little things. Because lets face it, who really enjoys cleaning? :)

The design direction of Organized AF is a reflection of this ethos. We chose a color palette that whispers sophistication – black, off-white, and soothing shades of light blue and brown. The design is unapologetically minimalist and elegant, but there’s an undercurrent of warmth and approachability. The inclusion of candles in the product lineup isn’t just about ambiance; it’s about lighting up the room with both glow and a dash of cheekiness. The overall aesthetic is not just beautiful; it’s breathably chic with a twinkle of mirth.

In essence, Organized AF is more than a brand; it’s a personality. It’s where professional meets playful, where chic elegance pairs with a light-hearted spirit, and where every organized corner brings a slight chuckle and a nod of appreciation. It’s not just about organizing spaces; it’s about infusing life with a fresher, brighter, and slightly more spirited perspective.

AGENCY: Prima Creative
CLIENT: Personal Project by Prima Creative
STRATEGY: Miranda Flinchum, Paulina Pulawska
COPYWRITING: Miranda Flinchum
LEAD DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum
DESIGN: Miranda Flinchum, Paulina Pulawska

SOCIAL MEDIA: Paulina Pulawska

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