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Livingston Daily Grand Opening Article

We are thrilled to guide you through a journey that holds a special place in our hearts. The story of Prima Creative’s inception and our ongoing mission to reshape the landscape of design and community engagement. Recently, the Livingston Daily graciously spotlighted our grand opening earlier this year. This captured the essence of our diverse and talented team.

You can read the article here.

In this article, we will highlight the article and discuss our plans to support and develop talent in the community.

The Birth of a Creative Haven

In Genoa Township, a group of creative experts, like designers and marketers, worked together towards a shared goal. To Design on Purpose TM. Prima Creative’s start brought a fresh design firm and a new era of creativity and business synergy.

Our team is as diverse as our skills – from a poster-maker who captured the Instagram world with her viral art. To an entrepreneur co-owning a health-focused café and former print shop. The team includes a sales guru, a dream-chasing illustrator, an experienced designer with deep art roots, and a cultural coordinator with impeccable leadership skills. This is not even half of the skills this team holds.

Our Philosophy: Be Indispensable

Miranda Flinchum, co-founder of Prima Creative, alongside Bradley Savino, eloquently articulated our ethos: making companies and brands indispensable. “When you have your own creative ‘you,’ nobody else can replace that,” Miranda expressed. This belief drives us to not only offer digital, print, and branding services but also to help individuals and businesses discover and showcase their unique personalities.

Our services range from marketing, web design, and advertising to creating compelling logos, websites, social media campaigns, and more. We believe in the power of creativity to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, from billboards to pamphlets. You can view our list of services here.

Collaborative Origins and the Drive for Fulfillment

Our journey began while we all worked for a printing company. This is where the idea of creating something more fulfilling and impactful started taking shape. “We learned things we liked about the industry: the branding aspects, the marketing and advertising, the graphic design elements, the artwork itself,” shared Bradley Savino.

Prima Creative was birthed from our passion for art and our goal to change how businesses engage with their customers. We envision a world where empathy and originality reign supreme in brand-consumer interactions.

Future Endeavors: Empathy and Community Engagement

Looking ahead, we’re not just focusing on elevating brands and businesses. Our vision encompasses fostering the next generation of creatives. We aim to demystify the role of creativity in every profession and advocate for its recognition and respect. Plans for mentorship programs and scholarships are underway, aspiring to inspire and support young artists and designers.

The Prima Creative team emphasize the importance of recognizing and nurturing creative talents from a young age. Their narratives strike a chord with numerous individuals who have found their calling in the artistic fields. Regrettably, conventional educational systems frequently overlook the creative disciplines.

A Promise for a Brighter, More Creative Tomorrow

At Prima Creative, we’re not just building a business; we’re fostering a community. Our goal is to highlight the individuality of each person and brand we work with. “We want everyone to shine in their own special way,” says Jackie Mroz.

Our interaction with Jennifer from Livingston Daily went beyond just showing our opening. It demonstrated our commitment to the community and the creative industry. Her article beautifully captured our essence and vision, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

As we continue, our mission is to bring out the creative side in everyone we work with. We promise to make interesting stories, create beautiful visuals, and build a community that values and supports creativity.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey, full of potential and promise. Join us in a creative revolution, where every idea is a seed for a brighter, more imaginative world. Let’s make the invisible visible, the unheard heard, and the ordinary extraordinary.

If you’re interested in learning more please Contact Us for a free brand consultation. We’re excited to help you formulate a custom plan that will put your company on the map!

PRIMA CREATIVE | Design on Purpose.
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