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welcome to our studio

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

Design on Purpose.

Consider us your strategic partners in defining your organization’s ambitions. Prima’s passion is to help brand and market your business through professional, bold, and creative techniques.

We are artists and advocates of positive global change through radical design work. Our aim is to create experiences that engage positive interactions and promote healthy, sustainable growth.

Our specialty lies in our diverse team of thinkers; rule makers and rule breakers — committed to bringing transformative brands to life. We describe ourselves as a magical collective of multiple perspectives, who deliver energetic, creative, and strategic objectives.

Our unique approach is highly effective due to our passionate, diligent work and interpersonal skills. We strive to add this industrious way of branding, marketing and design to other passion-driven organizations around the world.

Embrace your individuality. Reach your goals. Inspire the world.


Bradley Savino

Chief Marketing Officer

Paulina Pulawska

Graphic Designer

Bobbi Savino

Senior Account Manager

Jackie Mroz

Brand Strategist
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